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Its Already December

On thursday morning i put in my notice in my radio job but was offered an alternative which still has to be inked so we will see

Friday was cool went to talk to shidoshi about getting back on track with trainning (I am so pleased) called brian cause i havent talked to him in a while. I picked up my lil sis and we went to goget something to eat (cupids hot dogs rock) we came back chilled

saturday had to fill in at the station it went cool after i met up with carlos and his cousin mickey we ordered pizza and drank beer wathced movies and played video games all night it was cool I hadn't done that in a while.

Our dojo tournament should be soon like witin the next couple of weeks I may fight just fo ror the hell of it. Vegas is the last weekend of jan I can't wait

All in all things are good I love Christmas time and I feel really in teh christmas mood aside of me being so damn tired but I still feel chrismasy if thats a word lol

I'm kinda fixin to go to vegas for new years I heard it gets pretty cool out there, go with a group of guys and cause mayhem not not really but have one hell of a time

also another cool thing about the weekend is UCLA beat USC it was a good game.

I still have to do my christmas shopping maybe I'll do it this weekend

I'm looking for a book to train my dog bernard I've put off his traing for too long now I got to set him straight

I can;t believe how fast this year has been it seem like juat yesterday I was gettin some in car for new years (don't look like its gonna happen this year LOL)

In a couple weeks I'll do a '06 round up and my prediction for '07 for shits and giggles


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