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Shit Weekend

thursday and friday was sick and felt crappy but still worked but didnt make the dojo my throught is still tingly today

saturday had to fix the toilet i mean take it out and put a new wax donut on it and the whole nine, then the UFC fight started it was cool so there I am working on the shitter and watching Frank Mir get his ass handed to him by Brandon Vera (dissapointment #2) the first one was me missing the first match casue i was installing the metal gasket, dissa pointment #3 didnt come till Tim Sylvia retained the title (shit) by that point i was done with the toilet and washed my hands for like 20 minutes. I saw matt hughes get his ass handed to him (that was great) so after teh fight which ended by 10 bored as fuck decided to meet up woth denise and her friends at roscoe's food was good we ended up bowling it was ok i guess at least I wasnt too bored anymore.

Its weird hanging out with ther somerimes she's all grabby feely and other times she like don't touch and i'm like ok????? then she does certain things that she knows turns me on and were signs before for sex (and she giggles) so I go for it cause ima guy and she gets all like hey quit it and I'm like make up your flipping mind please!!!!! Your gonna giveme blue balls and not do anything about it I don't think so. So sat night she tried to be all grabby I was like pffft whatever I paid no attention to it she she wanted me to kiss her gnite but she wanted me to walk to her i was like nope


then sunday came and spent the whole day up it sucke cause when I went to work i was alreday up like 15 hours oh well

so like I alluded to in my last post I was whinking and cam up with a decision that I feel is ok more details to come as the become available

I'm out for now




March 2007

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