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Wow christmas i over and I'm sad to see it go. I had a blast haven't enjoyed christmas ina while, funny it took me working a ton to appreciate it, I spent it with the fam simce I'm single now but it was cool I played dominoes with grampa for what seems like forever. Since I'm ahead inbill I was able to splurge snd buy cool gifts. I got to say say over all this year has been pretty good a lil rocky to stard but it smoothed itself out in due time

lets break it down

Jan- tried to fix my relationship and train for vegas ran into someone from the past and smiled cause Karma came around. Aldo ended up doing well in Vegas despite not being able to train correctly

Feb- made a promise to myslef and broke it (hangs head in shame) Gramps had his procedure done I was freaked about this. More trting to work things out with my girl

March- the month of lies and bullshit, and she offere break up then she flipped like John Kerry

April We broke up (perfect timming) My uncle passed away just overall a bad month couldnt wait to get it over

May (bday Month)- Met my Big brothers new love of his life she's cool Had an awesome birthday enough said decided to buy me a new truck got her on memorial day

June- Clouded in family drama upside doing well in the vegas tourney

July- when it all changed

Aug- Gokor seminar great I want to do it again, Big brother moved to Texas so sad I cried. ALso me and denise doin the just sex thing. ANd a reality check

Sept- passed by quick when you work and sleep

Oct- food poisoning sucks. Visited Big Borther Texas it was soo cool I really miss them

Nov- Back from texas and ready to go decent beginnng of the end

Dec- Great last month things have really fallen ito place

I got to say it was a good yea like i said it started rough but thanks God it became easier and easier I really do owe him alot and I know he placed this hectic year before me becasue he knew i could handle it but again it was through him that I was able to do it

God I ask for your blessing into the new year for my family and myself that your good grace shine on us and that you give us what you see fit. Please also bless Pete and Tony and the children and all they hold dear. I also ask that you give those the strenght that they need to procedd, and above all thanks for never leaving our side



March 2007

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