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Mar. 17th, 2007


Whoa I havent written in here in a while so let me update you Denise is 6 monthe pregnant and I'm the popps of a baby boy (yea baby) crazy situation, so I ttraded in my frontier and got a Titan so my things at the Dojo have been goin good its taking me a while to get re-aclimated to it but its going I miss Pete and my nephews and Tony

so gettin back to me being a poppa its a trip me of all people its a crazy situation andc so far except for one lil incident has been minus the drama so I cant complain

I am a lil stressed before I didin't use to worry about money now its a constant thought thats why I'm here at work tonight and working throught the weekend.

as far as our son we are on the same page when it comes to us is where it gets tricky there are time when I think we will be fine and can really pull it off but then there are other times when i think that it aint gonna work and that scares me I want to raise my boy in a family environment but we shouldn't have to sacrifice ourselves it not fair to her or me and especially the boy... i dont know i got to get back to work


Jan. 29th, 2007

Tournament Weekend

I took first Place in my division something I did not expect especially since I have not trained the way I would've liked to.

all weekend was fun

It was good to see my buddy Tim and Sifu TJ from oklahoma

me and shidosh hung out all weekend it was fun we at bar ang hung out with Tim and TJ

TJ showes me hot to play craps it was fun a lil confusing to begin with but then it became easier

I played 3 card poker and was up and down like a roller coaster it was cool I lost money but I had fub doin it

well i'm out for now



Jan. 17th, 2007

First '07 entry

Hey whats up long time since I last wrote.

Things have been good I've been working with my pops and I started training again at the dojo again and it feels great.

a lil family drama that some times I wish I could be rid of but ir helps make who I am and how to handle shit later on

havent really talked to denise too much until about friday althogh we did have sex a couple weeks back

I met the dude who owns the bodyguarding company last night and I think it went well he said he'd call me back in a couple of days

spent all weekend watching movies it was cool finally saw some good movies

Vegas is in a couple of weeks wooohoooo

I'm out for know


Dec. 28th, 2006

Yay Last Overnight Shift

Tonight should be my last overnight shift aside of fill ins and other junk I'm happy that means i ge tto sleep at night wit the rest of the world LOL

I got a call from shidosh about a bodygaurding gig that would require me to travel for a month with this rock band either in february or in march I'll get the details later today possibly. I want to do it but if Its not a lucrative deal for me I won't go

I called my big Bro to wish hima happy birthday the other day I want to go and visit again

Vegas tourney is also comming up in a month or so

things are great a little lonely at times but o well the show must go on

I'm out for now I'll let you know what I decide about the bodygaurding gig.



Dec. 26th, 2006


Wow christmas i over and I'm sad to see it go. I had a blast haven't enjoyed christmas ina while, funny it took me working a ton to appreciate it, I spent it with the fam simce I'm single now but it was cool I played dominoes with grampa for what seems like forever. Since I'm ahead inbill I was able to splurge snd buy cool gifts. I got to say say over all this year has been pretty good a lil rocky to stard but it smoothed itself out in due time

lets break it down

Jan- tried to fix my relationship and train for vegas ran into someone from the past and smiled cause Karma came around. Aldo ended up doing well in Vegas despite not being able to train correctly

Feb- made a promise to myslef and broke it (hangs head in shame) Gramps had his procedure done I was freaked about this. More trting to work things out with my girl

March- the month of lies and bullshit, and she offere break up then she flipped like John Kerry

April We broke up (perfect timming) My uncle passed away just overall a bad month couldnt wait to get it over

May (bday Month)- Met my Big brothers new love of his life she's cool Had an awesome birthday enough said decided to buy me a new truck got her on memorial day

June- Clouded in family drama upside doing well in the vegas tourney

July- when it all changed

Aug- Gokor seminar great I want to do it again, Big brother moved to Texas so sad I cried. ALso me and denise doin the just sex thing. ANd a reality check

Sept- passed by quick when you work and sleep

Oct- food poisoning sucks. Visited Big Borther Texas it was soo cool I really miss them

Nov- Back from texas and ready to go decent beginnng of the end

Dec- Great last month things have really fallen ito place

I got to say it was a good yea like i said it started rough but thanks God it became easier and easier I really do owe him alot and I know he placed this hectic year before me becasue he knew i could handle it but again it was through him that I was able to do it

God I ask for your blessing into the new year for my family and myself that your good grace shine on us and that you give us what you see fit. Please also bless Pete and Tony and the children and all they hold dear. I also ask that you give those the strenght that they need to procedd, and above all thanks for never leaving our side


Dec. 4th, 2006

Its Already December

On thursday morning i put in my notice in my radio job but was offered an alternative which still has to be inked so we will see

Friday was cool went to talk to shidoshi about getting back on track with trainning (I am so pleased) called brian cause i havent talked to him in a while. I picked up my lil sis and we went to goget something to eat (cupids hot dogs rock) we came back chilled

saturday had to fill in at the station it went cool after i met up with carlos and his cousin mickey we ordered pizza and drank beer wathced movies and played video games all night it was cool I hadn't done that in a while.

Our dojo tournament should be soon like witin the next couple of weeks I may fight just fo ror the hell of it. Vegas is the last weekend of jan I can't wait

All in all things are good I love Christmas time and I feel really in teh christmas mood aside of me being so damn tired but I still feel chrismasy if thats a word lol

I'm kinda fixin to go to vegas for new years I heard it gets pretty cool out there, go with a group of guys and cause mayhem not not really but have one hell of a time

also another cool thing about the weekend is UCLA beat USC it was a good game.

I still have to do my christmas shopping maybe I'll do it this weekend

I'm looking for a book to train my dog bernard I've put off his traing for too long now I got to set him straight

I can;t believe how fast this year has been it seem like juat yesterday I was gettin some in car for new years (don't look like its gonna happen this year LOL)

In a couple weeks I'll do a '06 round up and my prediction for '07 for shits and giggles

Nov. 30th, 2006

random stuff

Im goin to retake the certification exam again this morning so I got to cram.

the new year is comming and its time to make changes

I'm looking forward to going to vegas in january i hope ot be i better conditioning by then.

on my way to work yesterday me and my bro saw a flipped car with a huge metal pole rammed through the passenger window to the driver side it was crazy

i hate windy days ther are a pain in the ass it make work so much harder, but oh well

anyways got to go and study for this test oh well


Nov. 22nd, 2006

Shit Weekend

thursday and friday was sick and felt crappy but still worked but didnt make the dojo my throught is still tingly today

saturday had to fix the toilet i mean take it out and put a new wax donut on it and the whole nine, then the UFC fight started it was cool so there I am working on the shitter and watching Frank Mir get his ass handed to him by Brandon Vera (dissapointment #2) the first one was me missing the first match casue i was installing the metal gasket, dissa pointment #3 didnt come till Tim Sylvia retained the title (shit) by that point i was done with the toilet and washed my hands for like 20 minutes. I saw matt hughes get his ass handed to him (that was great) so after teh fight which ended by 10 bored as fuck decided to meet up woth denise and her friends at roscoe's food was good we ended up bowling it was ok i guess at least I wasnt too bored anymore.

Its weird hanging out with ther somerimes she's all grabby feely and other times she like don't touch and i'm like ok????? then she does certain things that she knows turns me on and were signs before for sex (and she giggles) so I go for it cause ima guy and she gets all like hey quit it and I'm like make up your flipping mind please!!!!! Your gonna giveme blue balls and not do anything about it I don't think so. So sat night she tried to be all grabby I was like pffft whatever I paid no attention to it she she wanted me to kiss her gnite but she wanted me to walk to her i was like nope


then sunday came and spent the whole day up it sucke cause when I went to work i was alreday up like 15 hours oh well

so like I alluded to in my last post I was whinking and cam up with a decision that I feel is ok more details to come as the become available

I'm out for now



Nov. 17th, 2006


So restless I feel sick so many things I want to accomplish feelin blah so many ways to go so many ways to stay will I be happy with the path I choose or will I loose. I wanna talk it our but I wanna i wanna keep it in it not all planned out it has flaws it involves a sacrifice but a gain. Is it realy turning my back or just or starting something new. How do I trust? I need to get back into the swing of things

Nov. 15th, 2006

checking in

Whats up its been a while

testing is happening at the dojo this weekend and I wwont be testing again but I'm also not ready for this test physically or mentally I'm too damn tired.

I want to go back to texas my big bro is moving to abilene and i wanna check that place out plus whataburger is good LOL

PS3 comes out this weekend and ima try to get my hands opn one but its gonna be hard but we shall see

Shidoshi hit me up about trainning the way i used to cause he's in the works of putting together a bodygaurding crew and for good money and i was like keep me posted cause I'm all about the money

that it for now jus gonna try to get through the end of the year and see what happens from that point on



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